I love the evolutionary process of painting. I love "figuring out" a new peice, watching how it develops and shifts over time. I love the point at which I can let go of what I intended a painting to be or look like and allow it to become what it’s actually meant to be.

  • Morning Magic

    The glass doors which open to our bedroom deck mean the first thing we see every day when we wake up is Mt.Tam. I am blessed and so grateful for this view each morning and I love how if I pay attention there is always something slightly different about the way it looks. The best mornings are when we wake before the sun comes up because as we watch it creep up over the mountain the sky turns this epic shade of pink with streaks of pale yellow and then blue. I called this one Morning Magic.

  • Color Outside The Lines

    To Pablo Picasso who said "“All children are born artists, the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up.” This one is called COLOR OUTSIDE THE LINES…

  • Grounded

    This piece feels like growth to me.  It feels calming and fresh.  I see my evolution as a painter in this piece.  I spent equal time thinking and painting as I worked on this…that’s not my usual process  I was less strategic, slower, more at peace.